Tai Chi Institute of Stockton

Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center, USA

Dr. Ray Tom

Dr. Ray Tom, a retired administrator from SUSD, is the former Director of the Tai Chi Chuan Institute of Stockton, was granted Director Emeritus for the International Yang Tai Chi Chuan Association by Master Yang Jun, and has established the first Yang Cheng fu Tai Chi Chuan Center in California in 2002. There are only 12 such centers in the whole of the United States.

He competed in the Second International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Tournament in China in 2002 and has earned the fifth rank of the Silver Tiger in the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan system. Dr. Tom teaches Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, and meditation for UOP, Delta College, Chinese Benevolent Association, Kaiser Permanente, O'Connor Woods and the City of Lodi Arts Commission.

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